Hope 2 Oban

SSC (A Club for the Youth of Scotland)

As partners of the SSC, H2O youth workers participate in most aspects of the SSC experience. Whether through the summer, working alongside ‘seniors’ at ‘Advance Guard’ (constructing the camp), attending the main camps of ‘Mixed 1’ (around 100 campers) or ‘Mixed 2’ (around 200 campers), or assisting with smaller seasonal weekend events at hostels in Dalguise or Tobermory, the team from H2O do their utmost to support the smooth running of these major residential opportunities for young folk from Argyll and all over Scotland.

For young people involved, H2O provide opportunities to discuss faith and life issues, positive experiences of the Christian faith and experience settings of encouragement and positivity based on love and respect. 

These factors combined with training opportunities and the overall experience of SSC camping lead to an increase in confidence and leadership skills for young people as well as an increase in social skills. Through experience of such communal living, young folks’ communication skills are developed and an environment of mutual respect is fostered, or as Steven Hughes (known as ‘Breive’ at SSC), the former SSC Youth Development Officer puts it....

“Quite simply, people are nicer to one and other as a result of H2O’s involvement.”

Breaking this down more, Breive points out that....

Young people gain the following from H2O’s involvement at SSC events

  • The knowledge, experience and life skills of a committed H2O staff team whose key purpose is to provide positive and purposeful activities for the young people they come in to contact with.
  • The opportunity to discuss their faith, their fears, their hopes and their dreams for the future in a caring and non-judgemental forum.
  • The skills to look at an issue or problem and not take it at face value, but to analyse and see if there is a better solution to the challenges of  life.
  • They gain skills in discussing key themes in today’s society.

As a result of H2O’s involvement at SSC events:

  • Young people become more confident and have a better chance of developing into active participants in their community.
  • Young people are better prepared for the challenges of life and enjoy a greater world view of the mysteries that bring us together and set us apart in our everyday lives.
  • Young people discover that Faith and the Christian teachings are not something to fear, but can be part of their everyday lives.
  • Young people discover that even though they are from all across Scotland (and Madrid!) and from a variety of backgrounds, that through H2O/SSC and the foundational Christian message of ‘Love your neighbour’ they can all get along and enjoy themselves, whether at camp or once they return to their own communities.