Hope 2 Oban

Partnership Working

Working in partnership with others is part of the core of Hope 2 Oban. From the day-to-day collaborations with Oban High School, to the occasional visits and events with such as the Scottish Rocks, Fischy Music and Scripture Union, H2O is well aware that as an organisation it cannot, nor would it want to, do everything. It can, however, work with other organisations, many with specialist skills, to benefit the young people of Oban and the surrounding area.

Over the years, H2O has worked with Christian visitors from the Check-it-out Team/ SU Scotland, Youth for Christ, The Scottish Bible Society Bibleworld, Iain White and Nikki Gardner, Fischy Music and Elevate from the Springs Dance Company.

Through working with folks from churches in the region we have played an active role in developing Xplore Xtra, and hope that such gatherings will continue and will grow in strength and regularity in the future.


H2O with Elevate Contemporary Christian Dance Company 2012


H2O have also hosted the Scottish Rocks, Karen Darke and Caledon, the three Scottish Tenors.

Our role is often to be the ones to make opportuniites happen, bridging together guests with the relevant group of young folk.

As can be seen from the pages following, we have an ongoing thriving partnership with the SSC, A Club for the Youth of Scotland.

Locally, we deliver ongoing opportunities for young people through the local area Bright Futures Partnership, BFG, where youth related organisations pool people and resources to provide new and developing programmes and support for those who have left school and may not yet be in employment, education or training. Aspects of this work can also be seen in the pages that follow.