Hope 2 Oban


 H2O coordinates a chaplaincy team of six, made up of local clergy and youth workers who are assigned to each Clan. The chaplaincy team along with H2O organise school assemblies, celebration and commemorative services, an S6 Faith Perspectives Conference, a weekly Prayer Group, occasional events and visits from outside organisations along with ongoing pastoral support for pupils and staff.

ROLE OF CLAN CHAPLAINS - What does a Chaplain do at Oban High School?

  • Familiarize themselves with their Clan, Clan Captains (pupils), Clan Chiefs (staff) and other associated staff members through tutor groups and Clan assemblies
  • Wherever possible, perform appropriate pastoral role to the benefit of pupils and staff, in other words, be a listening ear!
  • Participate in Chaplaincy Assembly Weeks.
  • Have an involvement in ‘Faith Matters’ conferences where appropriate.
  • Attend Chaplaincy planning meetings through the academic year.
  • Ideally Chaplain will remain linked to the same Clan and therefore pupils as they move through the school.