Hope 2 Oban

Oban High School

The core group for our youth work can be found at Oban High School, over 1,100 young people. We are there most weekdays. Relational youth work is at the heart of all we do – chats in the corridor and canteen, at lunch and break time; weekly Rock Solid lunch club for younger pupils; taking part in school events and activities, all the time building mutual trust and respect from which everything else develops and grows.

As the work of H2O moves in to its 13th year at Oban High School there may be days when the youth work team can wonder what impact they are having within the lives of the young folk of the school. Last year, the 12th year marker meant we had journeyed with 7 full year-groups through all their time at Oban High School, so when, having asked for a wee bit of feedback on H2O, we received the following testimony, we were, to say the least, encouraged.

H2O is one of the most amazing organisations EVER!  H2O has helped me to become a more confident person who looks on the bright side of life! In my first years at high school, I was a bit of an outcast but  H2O clubs like Rock Solid and events like Wacky Wet and Dry have helped me to make some of the best friends I could wish for!  H2O also introduced me to SSC which is my favourite place in the entire world! So thank you for that! :D If  H2O wasn't there any more it would be a real shame because kids that were like me could stay that way for good. I am now at the age where I am no longer a kid but I hope to volunteer for  H2Oso I can help kids the way that the  H2O youth workers helped me! I am so glad that  H2O was there for me and it has helped to make me the positive person I am today.  :D”                
Former OHS pupil & now regular H20 volunteer

In addition to the above, the following is an extract of feedback from the Head Teacher at Oban High School which we find affirming and encouraging.

“The success of H2O can be attributed to the dedication, hard work and pastoral skills that it’s staff bring to our community. Such professionalism and enthusiasm promotes an ethos and a vision that  H2Oand Oban High School share……… H2O has a profound effect on the broader education of our youngsters …because of the values they promote and follow both in the school and across the community. Our pupils appreciate the guidance and support they receive from H2O, as do all the staff, parents and local community members who have worked with this talented team.”
Peter Bain - Head Teacher, Oban High School