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Smile Please! - ‘Zoooom!’

H2O’s Creative Photo Space Focuses on the Future

The first gathering of talented young photographers met in September 2010 at The Well as 'Zoooom!', the new H2O Creative Photo Space.


Since then, the group have not only had trips to the islands of Kerrera and Lismore, they have started to experience studio work, digging in to the depths of digital cameras, composition, lighting and flash, still life and portraits, and have begun to learn the ins and outs of digital photo basics exploring today’s equivalent of the traditional darkroom, through photo development software. This has all been possible through the involvement of an H2O volunteer, local professional photographer, Cameron Harris, to whom we say a big ‘thank you’.

Due to bad weather, the 2010 Glasgow Christmas lights trip had to be cancelled. However,  Zoooom! have since captured the delights of Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, popping in to The Riverside Transport Museum while in th earea. Very exciting!

Zoooom GroupWord was received from Oban Photographic Society towards the end of 2010, to meet them in the first head-to-head photographic challenge mid-April, 2011. A close-fought picture punch-up took place with Zoooom! coming a very close second to the more experienced ‘clickers’, but with photographic friendships forged with the more ‘mature’ group, a re-match is due in 2012. Yep, we came second again, BUT, boy was it close - Watch out OPS!

In April 2011, the group made a successful bid for funding from Argyll and Bute Council, which provided laptops, graphics tablets and software. As part of the grant award, Zoooom! are currently working towards their first public exhibition in the late Summer of 2012, which will be entitled, ARGYLL, Awesome Rural Gateway, Youthful Land of Light.

Encouraging about Zoooom! has been the opportunity to be part of the excitement and enthusiasm with which members of the group, some who don’t always ‘fit in’ at school, have taken to this opening to develop a hobby which they clearly love. Over time, individuals’ confidence in their ability, both photographically and socially can be seen to be growing. One group member has come along because he had done some ‘bad stuff’ and wanted to opt in to some of the H2O things going on as a positive diversion for himself. With a wee interest in taking pictures, he has come along to check out ‘Zoooom!’ and so far is flourishing with a camera in his hand. One day, ‘Zoooom!’ may produce some ‘pro’s’ of the future. In the meantime, H2O will continue to provide a place and a space where young folk can come and discover more of who they are through a hobby they love.