Hope 2 Oban

Xplore Xtra

As a development of events and gatherings of the past, 'Spacefish' and ‘Going Somewhere’, combined with the desire of our Xplore group to meet with others who had an interest in chatting more about the Christian faith, the notion of Xplore Xtra has evolved. To date this has simply been about bringing together small groups of young folk from around the region including Glencoe, Dunoon, Isle of Luing, Ardrishaig and Oban.

Times together have been spent getting to know each other along with games, music, food and chat. There have been times of meditation, opportunities to share skills in music and space to find out more about Jesus and how Christians believe that a relationship with Him can impact each of our lives.

To date we have come together for events in Oban, Glencoe, Dunoon and Luing with plans for further gatherings inthe Autumn of 2012.


Some thoughts/ feedback/ comments from Xplore Xtra

Where are you in the swimming pool? (An Xplore Xtra opportunity to express where folks felt they might be in their relationship with God using the image of a swimming pool as an indicator?)

  • I’m kind of halfway there!
  • Paddling in the shallow end. Sometimes going quite far in.
  • Doing the butterfly. Not always as immersed as I could be but kicking hard.
  • Just floating about
  • I think I am in the pool
  • Floating about in the middle on a lilo
  • I am in it!
  • In the showers before I go in but would love to be in the pool! J
  • In the deep end holding my breath underneath
  • Everywhere
  • In the floom, flume,  phlume phloome    you decide?
  • I’m swimming towards the deep end

When asked, 'What questions do you have about God?', folks said........

  • How long did it actually take to create the world?
  • Who made up all the other religions?
  • Why do people rebel from Christianity so much?
  • Why be a Christian?
  • Why do wasps and bees sting?
  • What was the first animal you created?
  • Why does God heal some not others?
  • Why is there suffering?
  • Why do good people do bad things?
  • What does ‘God’ mean?
  • Why was the earth created?
  • How can you love everyone?

(answers on a postcard!)

 web_-_Justin.jpgWhen asked 'Why would it be important for Xplore Xtra to continue?', folks said.....

  • Young people can develop as leaders and own it more
  • To make exploring Christianity more ‘normal’
  • To be part of a  bigger group
  • I’ve already made tonnes of new friends, after only being here for 3’ish hours
  • So we can learn things we never knew before. God is always teaching us new things!
  • It gets you thinking
  • Because some people couldn’t come along tonight
  • Find out more
  • Meet new folk
  • Anyone can come, not just Christians
  • So people can grow in their faith with people they know so they don’t get embarrassed.
  • To make better connections between groups
  • So we can meet more people in the local area
  • So we can go to Luing
  • Meeting more young Christians where you live
  • It’s fun, so far…..
  • To get to know other young people :)
  • Make new friends
  • You grow in your faith
  • Because it’s bringing people together and it’s fun and stuff!
  • The music
  • Because it’s fun
  • Meet other Christians , interesting people out with our groups.
  • Because it’s a fun way to learn more about God.














If we meet like this again, what kind of things would you like to do?

  • Lego - K’nex
  • Camp on Kerrera
  • Campo on Luing
  • Music – Drums, Guitar
  • Face painting
  • Make sweet music together
  • Ultimate Ninja
  • Watch Noomas
  • Parti!
  • Eat
  • Encourage folks along who couldn’t make it tonight
  • Twister
  • T-shirt making
  • Graffiti wall
  • Come up with drama skits
  • Every single thing
  • Craft
  • Bring a friend
  • Pajama Party
  • Photography
  • Crazy hat night
  • Painting
  • Watch youtube videos like Lifehouse ‘Everything’ skit
  • Chat
  • Dance
  • Lyric writing/ singing
  • Games – in my grannies attic!