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Chinwag: Join the Conversation!

What is Chinwag?

An action-packed training and networking event full of practical ideas and skills.


Who is Chinwag for?

*Youth leaders    *Sports Coaches *Volunteers *Board Members   *Sessional workers *Managers *Scout/BB/Guide/Cadet leaders *Church youth leaders

*Outdoor Instructors *Youth workers

Anyone and everyone involved in youth work (or thinking about it!)


 Chinwag is open to Young Leaders 16+

(16-18s must be accompanied by Mentor/ Senior Leader)


11 different workshops to choose from plus space to explore resources, meet local and national providers of training, services, and much more.....


..and best of all....

Chinwag with fellow youth leaders, share ideas & experiences, support each other...

What works? What skills can you share?

What’s happening elsewhere? How did you arrange that?

Do you know who can do this?

Where can we get money to do that?

Where do you source…….???


Chinwag is an inclusive event open to people of every background and belief.